puzzle of life..

Edo on October 27th, 2007

sometimes, life is quite funny enough..

Life learned me to always optimist. positive on any part of life. placed our dream on the highest placed that maybe we could not reach. start now, from what kind of things that we can make it. learned for the past, focus for what we wanna do, innovated on how we can do.

Life asked me to face any barrier, solve any problem, always try, pray, and then lets God to play Gods rules. Defendless for the result.


Sometimes life never stop to examine. Bring us to the limit. Then when the limit coming, we just have to choice, despondent, defenseless, or keep fighting. in this situation, life examine our endurance…

sometimes life push us much, to make us despondent. to make us never think positive anymore, to make us stop fighting, to feel weak.
Or maybe life give a sign about what are we doing is right or wrong?

weak guy will give up.

strong guy will think, its a good news. because after hard life, good life will coming
What a wise guy will do?

Maybe he/she will think. introspection. looking inside.

then God will say : Yes. But its not the point. The point is, to make you understand that theres a very very great intangible and powerful things in this life. Thats Me…
when im in this situation, i just can say :

” let my heart pick the choice, let the foot bring me where, then let God place where i will end my life…. “

and try to keep smiling, although its not easy anymore…


4 Responses to “puzzle of life..”

  1. berhubung bosolinggis .. gak bisa komen dah

  2. #angus : ngono yo komen guuus gus..

  3. anu..
    biasanya.. makin tinggi kita naik pohon, angin yang berhembus makin kwenceng.. jadi ya.. klo tambah kwenceng angin yang berhembus.. kira-kira tambah tinggi naik pohonnya.

    (trus.. bahasa inggrisnya naik pohon apa ya ?)

  4. #antoub : bahasa inggrisnya mungkin up up the tree feb :p


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