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Edo on November 5th, 2007

Edwardo Rusfid, eet, edo. Born in Bukittinggi, West Sumatera, 30 years a go. Aquarius. Dragon, Fire
Interested on traveling, music, movie, food, coffee, ICT related, business, organization, learning and education, friendship, discuss, God, human (resources) issue: psychology, leadership, management, entrepreneurship, etc..
Learned to interested with books, reading and writing.
Finished elementary, junior and senior high school at Bukittinggi, and move to Malang, East Java for collage. Graduated from Electrical Engineering, Brawijaya University at 2001, registered as student at Magister of Business Administration Science, Faculty of Administration Science, Brawijaya University but decide to drop out on 2004. Then, till pass the time for last 10 year, challenged bring me to Jakarta.

Now, with several friend started a company which focus on Content and Services Provider, worked as Business Development. Besides, still working as an ICT Consultant at several department, and join with several Non Government Organization.

And you can contact me at edwardo.rusfid@gmail.com

Tag : dreamer, anomaly, abstract, unpredictable, energizer, wild on mind, traveling, learned, workaholic, freedom but responsible, coffee addict, stubborn, curious, insomnia.

10 Responses to “About Me”

  1. hi..
    nice to know u,
    i got much value from you

  2. Hi…
    im glad to know u :)

  3. #maz_irfan & lina : thank for visiting mas irfan & lina :)

  4. Manteb banged.
    Hope can learn and “steal” useful thing from this Guy.
    And actually I did it.

  5. Hi Edo,

    Need to ask you something about your work with Content Providers. I may need you help. Can you email me your details so I can call u?


  6. #Lav : hi Lav. My pleasure. You can contact me at edwardo.rusfid@gmail.com, then let discuss :)

  7. jebule sampean ngetop to maz?

    *lagi mumet ga iso enak nyambut gawe dadine nggambleh sak nggon2*

  8. woiii, tukeran link dunk… masih berlaku ndak? biar blogku ndang payu kiy :p

  9. salam kenal mas edo.

    ga sengaja terdampar ke blog ini lewat jalan “nasib orang pintar nan idealis” biar ga lupa saya tinggalin jejak di sini. :)

    tulisannya bagus-bagus mas.. eh uda.

    ternyata alumni brawijaya juga yah…?

    kunjungin balik yah mas…

  10. Thank’s b4


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